Bringing together updates from the INSITE Programme of projects and others with a focus on the interactions of Marine Structures. Across 3 sessions broadly grouped to examining bodiversity impacts, decommissioning strategies and technology and modelling

Dr Debbie Russell - EcoSTAR: Ecosystem Importance of Structures as Artificial Reefs

Professor Paul Fernandes - FISHSPAMMS: Aggregation, Producion and spillover : the cumuitive effect of man-made offshore structures on fish

Dr Joanne Porter - CHASAN: Connectivity of Hard Substrate Assemblages in the North Sea

Gareth Thomas - Decommissioned Oil Rigs in the Marine Environment: Friend or Foe

Rebecca von Hellfield - In situ Decommissioned Pipeline associated Mercury and the risks of Bio Accumulation

Ruth Callaway - Enriching coastal infrastructure: the multi-stakeholderproject 'Mumbles Seahive'

Eline van Onselen - Nature Enhancement and Offshore Wind - A future filled with Opportunity

Joseph Marlow - North Sea 3D - Measuring Biofouling biomass form industry ROV footage

Maria Martins - Compiling a Database of Offshore Structures in the North Sea: Past Present and Future

Dr Victoria Todd - Marine Mammals visit at teh New Restaurant in Town...but it's just your average fish and chips

Emanuele Eke - Investigating decommissioning options selection : A survey Driven Approach