As part of INSITE’s Industry-Science partnership, the INSITE PhD Scholarship Programme is being established which will award funding for PhD’s addressing specific research topics within the scope of INSITE

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The INSITE PhD Scholarship Programme is led by the INSITE Programme Advisory Group (PAG), the group responsible for the scientific direction of INSITE.

The PAG is interested in proposals from universities and research institutions for PhD’s which increase the understanding of the ecosystems on and around man-made structures in the North Sea. Topics of particular interest under the INSITE Scholarship Programme are:

  • Changes in the ecosystem which occur due to the placement of man-made structures in the marine environment or as a consequence of their removal;
  • Comparisons between the ecosystem structure and function on native and non-native hard substrate;
  • Variability in ecosystem structure and function on man-made structures against varying temporal scales.

Please refer to application documents for full details of the topic areas of interest.

Key Dates

November 2020Call for Proposals
31st January 2021‘Deadline for Proposals’: Applications to be received by INSITE
February 2021PAG review of proposals and make conditional awards
5th March 2021Successful supervisors will be advised of conditional awards
October 2021PhD's Underway

This call is open to research institutions in countries bordering the North Sea; i.e. Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Norway and the UK. INSITE is offering up to 50% funding to support PhD’s which address the topics outlined here, these must start before 31 October 2021 and aim to be concluded in 2025.

Application Information and Documents