Also part of Phase 2 is a continuation of the INSITE Science Programme

In 2014 sponsors committed £2.4 million to the Foundation Phase of INSITE. This led to a programme of nine research projects across Europe studying the effectof structures on the ecosystem and their potential role as an interconnected reef system. Outcomes have included the following:

The Effect of Structures in the Marine Environment

  • A detailed understanding of the composition, abundance and function of species on and around man-made structures
  • The influence of man-made structures on the distribution of seals, cetaceans and sea-birds How the introduction and development of man-made structures has influenced planktonic communities

The Interconnected Reef Effect

  • The development of ecosystem models to predict the effect of man-made structures(oil and gas, renewables and wrecks) on the distribution and function of a range of species across the North Sea
  • Models to investigate the ecological consequences of altering the network of man-made structures