Posted on April 30, 2020

ICES Journal of Marine Science compilation showcases INSITE science

Ices Decommisioning 2020 A4 1
Image Credit Bas Kohler ICES JLM

The ICES Journal of Marine Science has published a compilation of research from scientists examining the question of man-made structures and their impact on the ecology of the marine environment.

The themed set - ‘Decommissioned offshore man-made installations’ - includes 14 peer-reviewed papers assessing impacts on ecosystem functioning at offshore sites. Many of these papers are the result of research projects undertaken by INSITE foundation phase funded initiatives.

There are many thousands of man-made structures (MMS) built into our coastal and marine environments. Installed across several soft sediment settings, these structures range from oil and gas installations to harbour walls, wrecks, pipelines, and offshore wind farms.

The compiled research suggests that these structures are serving as stepping-stones for non-indigenous species as well as providing habitat and shelter for a variety of marine species.