Posted on June 20, 2019

NERC Announcement of Opportunity

The NERC Announcement of Opportunity in relation to the second phase of INSITE research is now live.

NERC has today announced that they are accepting submissions for funding for research projects relating to the second phase of INSITE research.

This programme will be aimed at tackling the critical gaps in scientific understanding of the role man-made structures play in North Sea ecosystem. These gaps currently limit the potential for exploring a full range of decommissioning strategies and policy options for the management of man-made structures in the marine environment.

The overarching question that this programme will address is “How critical are man-made structures in the North Sea to the ecosystem?”

In support of the call, interseted parties can apply for access to the new groundbreaking tool 'INSITE Interactive' which is a GIS-based data sharing portal which will facilitate access to industry held ecological survey data.