Posted on September 20, 2017

Speakers confirmed for the INSITE Science Day

The speakers for the INSITE Science Day in London on the 31st October have been confirmed. The day which will mark the end of the initial phase of INSITE research will include presentations from all Project Investigators and the Independent Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) will present an additional synthesis.

In early 2016 the eight projects that were selected for funding by the INSITE research programme were announced. Addressing the influence of man made structures in the North Sea, more specifically

  1. The magnitude of the effects of man-made structures compared to the spatial and temporal variability of the North Sea ecosystem, considered on different time and space scales; and
  2. To what extent, if any, the man-made structures in the North Sea represent a large inter-connected hard substrate system

these projects are coming to the end of the first phase of research.

The presentations will be followed by morning and afternoon panel sessions. An outline programme for the day is here. If you would like to attend there are some remaining spaces.

I would like to attend the INSITE Science Day on the 31st October at the Royal Society in London

If you would like to attend the INSITE Science Day, leave your details here